Today's Time

Today's Time 1.3

Replacement for the default Date plug-in


  • Good selection of clock faces
  • Customizable display


  • Lacks a calendar mode


The Pocket PC makes for the perfect way to tell the time when you're out on the road with it.

But why settle for looking at the rather bland default date and time display?

Today's Time offers a neat alternative, providing a skin-based analog and digital clock for your Pocket PC. After a simple installation, you can access the program options through the Today screen settings menu.

There are a bevy of options here to tweak virtually every aspect of the clock. The Analog clock menu gives you the ability to change the view and the clock face style, and customize the colors of the hands on the clock.

Likewise, with the Digital clock settings menu you can choose from a range of clock face styles, change the color and add a blink time separator.

Today's Time also comes with a date display and a battery indicator, which are neatly displayed next to or above the clock on your Today screen.

The inclusion of a calendar mode somewhere would've been a nice touch, but I guess you can't have everything.

As a means of adding a clearer, more attractive clock to your PPC, Today's Time makes for a pretty decent solution.

Today's Time is an better replacement for the default 'Date' Plug-in found in Windows Mobile. The app provides a skin-based analog clock and digital clock.

It offers weekday, date and month display. The software also displays the device battery status. There are three different sizes for both Analog and Digital mode.

Today's Time


Today's Time 1.3

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